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season 01

The future of Magento 2 Frontend - EP1


The future of Magento 2 Frontend


For the first Mage Round Table we have got an excellent lineup where we focus on what the future of Magento 2 frontend development looks like. Be that PWA or Hyva theme or Tailwinds etc.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Frontend development has changed a great deal over the years. Whats interesting is that within Magento 2 there are several ways of developing interactive, engaging commerce projects.

We have so many choices from a traditional Magento 2 project using Luma or alternative as a base to a headless implementation potentially using PWA Studio. Then a new contendor joined the mix with Hyva which takes the best of Magento theme development and combines it with a modern JAM stack using Tailwinds, AlpineJS etc.

Within this episode we will explore what frontend development looks like and how we can address it to provide not only a good experience for the development team but also to provide exceptional service to end users.

  • Allan McGregor
  • Vinai Kopp
  • Willem Wigman
  • Lars Roettig
  • Daniel Bello